Toms Field, New Forest

Discussion in 'Hants' started by volkswombat, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Bit of an oddity this....the site is lovely but is only open weekends and on bank holidays. So arrive Friday night, leave Sunday arvo or monday if its a bank holiday weekend. Its near Fordingbridge in New Forest, so beautiful setting. Its quite small and very much a family/kids site, so think kids running about playing. Facilities are fine and theres a very small shop on site but if i remember correctly a mobile shop would turn up first thing with bread papers etc. Dont think there was leccy hookups. Here ya go
    Reading the website you may think it sounds a bit boring because of some of the rules but really its ok if your just after a quiet family weekend. Also theres a piccy of a late bay on the site on the top of the page as it loops round!

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