Tom's Field - Langton Matravers, Dorset

Discussion in 'Dorset' started by Honky, Jun 12, 2012.

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    One of my favourite sites, basic but brilliant.

    Great location near Swanage but also to the coast; a footpath direct from the site to Dancing Ledge.

    The showers are extra, there is hookup, and a great little Café.

    There are nice little nooks and cranies to hide your unit in - but these areas don't have hookup points.
  2. I love this place, I used to go there in the early 60's when the Original Tom used to run the place, before the Molem was built. I am coming home on a visit from Australia in October and I will be heading that way to reminisce. I will also be trying to get to some VW shows so let me know what's on that time of year. I will be based in Totteridge.
    Here's to the memories
  3. Honky

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    If you go to the site there is a small book for sale in the shop about it's history.

    Did you know, Tom's Field isn't named after Tom - it's a co-incidence.
  4. That's right go on, shatter all my memories, ;D still love the place, did they have books in the early 60's, ? ???
  5. your so right cracking little site. me and the Mrs first stopped about 15 years ago. we have been every year for last 8 years with our daughters. camping then in the bus when we her. be sure to visit the Square and Compass at Worth Matravers. best pub in the country. stone carving fest in the summer, pumpkin fest in the autumn. highly recommended part of the country. ideal camper spot.

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