Today is World Kindness Day

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  1. one needs to read on o_O
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  2. Natch! :)
  3. :eek:
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  4. That puts my mis-read in the shade :D
  5. Terrordales

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    In that case please send me all your banking information and I'll make a transfer. :hattip:
  6. I will get my son to do that for me :D
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  7. Well I finished my act of kindness today :D weeell it was like this , I haaaaad an old wooden ladder n weeeeeell I couldn’t be arissssed to cut it up to burn or take too the tip ! Twas a heavy one. Sooooo Betty has been wanting me to make an arbor to go over her fav seat in the garden , sooo I said leave it to me :D. I cut it up and found a few bits ,and couple of cheap expanderble trellis and weeeell this was what she got o_O

    8A4B8204-6503-4DB1-94CA-F5A04882F10D.jpeg That’s me with my hands over my face :D
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