Today is World Arthritis Day

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    Throughout the world millions of people are affected by arthritis, their lives being changed by the sometimes constant pain of inflamed joints. World Arthritis Day is a day to remember and raise awareness of this condition, and how it affects the lives of those that suffer with it. World Arthritis day was brought about by the Arthritis Foundation to do just that, and to encourage policymakers to help lower the burden of those suffering from Arthritis all over the world.

    Arthritis is cleanly summed up in it’s name, being derived from the greek words arthro, meaning joint, and itis, meaning inflammation. As the name implies it is a condition involving inflammation of the joints, but unlike the common conception that it is a disease all it’s own, it is always a symptom of another affliction. Gout, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Lupus are just some of the more common causes of this painful and often crippling condition.

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    I have that :(

    Osteoarthritis :(
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    Not something I want.
    A friend has it in his hands and can't play guitar anymore which was how he made his living. :(
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  5. I thought my back was playing up more than usual
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  6. Mine has been lately too but I’ve put it down to abuse :thinking:
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  7. Stop it - or you'll go blind as well
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