Today is Wine and Cheese Day

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    Wine and Cheese Day is a date that celebrates the ultimate pairing of cheese and wine. For a lot of people, there is nothing that goes together better than a great glass of wine and some premium quality cheese. A lot of wine-producing cultures pair regional wines with local cheeses, and so this is an art that is recognized in many parts around the world. Take the French Brie region as a prime example. This area is noted for their varieties of tannic wines. Beaujolais is produced in the area, and it is often served with local Brie. This is just one example of many.

    That's breakfast sorted then :food:

  2. No. No it isn’t.

    also, every day is wine day!! :)
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  3. It is our Saturday Night TV snack.
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  4. Quiche...quiche.
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  5. I love a cheese and biscuits platter after a meal often with a good glass of wine or even better a good Vintage Port.
    Not Dover before anyone asks
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  6. Blue Nun, cheese and pineapple cubes on a stick, and Demis Roussos on the Dansette.

    Now that’s proper class :thumbsup:
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  7. Erm... not if you are fond of your Dansette:

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  8. He was a big lad...

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