Today is Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day

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    There are all sorts of instruments in the world, and most of them have keys or strings of some sort. But there are drums that lack both, and instruments like the Theremin that is uniquely bizarre in that to play the instrument, you do not touch the instrument. Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day encourages you to broaden your idea of what an instrument is.

    The history of Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day is really just the history of the many types of instruments in the world today, and the less commonly known producers of that music. There are hundreds of instruments you’ve likely never heard of, things like the contrabass balalaika, easily the least unusual of the instruments you can research. It has a large triangular body and is either played with the fingers or leather plectrums.

    I just found this :eek:

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  5. I've always fancied having a go on a Theremin - I think Led Zeppelin used one
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    My son had one a while back - probably still around somewhere.
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  9. This is funny seen the glove bagpipes halfway through
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  10. Most people have some of these lying around...Brilliant!
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  11. They're not really uncommon instruments then, are they?

    My children learnt to play saucepans years ago, curse them!
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  12. What... like that?
  13. If I hadn't curtailed their musical ambitions with saucepans at an early age, then maybe yes!
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  14. Shame. They could have been millionaire youtubers, now!
  15. Nope! They would've been buried under the patio by now.:D
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  16. How about the oddest instrument of them all - humans?

    Bobby McFerrin proves that we all have pentatonic scales built into our brains - weird o_O. Well worth a watch. Always makes me smile.

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  17. Ha! Even better. Who needs instruments?

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    I don't want to get involved in this, I'm in enough trouble explaining the musical instruments I do have.
  19. My bay has a dash mounted barometer.
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  20. Doesn't the mercury slosh about when you're driving?

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