Today is Tuesday

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bernjb56, Jun 23, 2020.

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  2. Is it?
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  3. This came to mind ....

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    I had to check.
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  5. I gave up long ago. My point of reference in life is Bin Day.
  6. Is it brown or black tomorrow?
  7. #brownbinsmatter
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  8. Synonymous round these parts. Recycling and garden waste this week. I even had a shave this morning. Not for the bin men of course. Next landmark is the shopping on Friday. I won't shave for that
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  9. I have two types of day, week day and weekend day, apart from that it's all pretty much the same.

    The rain is not helping lift my mood :(

    The silver lining is I don't miss the commuting, and I actually discovered that, although I thought I'd miss the interaction with my colleagues, I don't.

    Am I getting old and grumpy? Is there any hope I'll ever be normal again? :eek:
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  10. Next, you will be demanding boiled egg at 8 o' clock each morning ;)
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  11. brown - oh and green and blue
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  12. Marmite I'm fishing, nip round to mine Snotts and put the blue bin out for me please:thumbsup:
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  13. Wasn't there a song about that?

    Red and Yellow and Green and Blue.....

    See, I've lost the plot completely :confused:
  14. Take up fishing it doesn't matter what day it is, the birds sing, the badger play, the rabbits hop and the fish feed hopefully
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  15. I push a desk around for a living, fishing seems like more sitting around, therapeutic and peacful that might be, but probably not good for my fitness.
  16. Good for the stress levels though
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  17. Yes, it is the rainbow song!! I’m home schooling a five year old, my only point if reference is bed time!!
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  18. Didn’t it go “A pink one, a white one...”?
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  19. And one with a fairy light on?
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  20. That’s proper posh. Are you in Formby?

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