Today is Remembrance Sunday

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  1. Was your uncle Dan of the Cameron clan ?
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    There were an awful lot of disgruntled ex servicemen after ww2 so many in fact that the government of the day became very concerned about armed uprisings and did things to placate them. One thing they did was introduce the welfare state in its earliest form this is partly why people guard it so fiercely and get annoyed at people who aren’t entitled to it abusing the system
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  3. Never met my Grandfather but he served, possibly underage, in WW1, he was injured, burned by Mustard Gas in the trenches, must have been awful. My Dad used to say that the gas went for anywhere there was moisture on your body and Grandad was burnt in his groin, armpits and chest. He also served at some point in Persia, there is a medal in the family. In WW2, the same Grandad, now almost too old to serve, was asked to stay in a reserved trade, a sparky, he was trying to repair a substation during the Blitz and it was hit by another wave of bombers, he was blown across the transformer hall along with his tools when the bomb hit, the flash temporarily blinded him, I don't know much more, he apparently wore tinted glasses for the rest of his life.

    He was a real conundrum, he was a fervent believer in a united Ireland, and apparently used to listen to what my Uncle described as Radio Free Ireland, I think that was it's name, yet twice nearly gave his life for our freedom, with a team who mostly didn't agree with him about the future of Ireland. He saw no incompatibility with those two beliefs, freedom for all was more important than a free Ireland
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  4. Uncle Wilfred.jpg RIP Wilfred Cunningham 1896 - 1917
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  5. We was at the NEC for the classic car show,

    it an amazing place to be at 11 o'clock,
    it haunting ...
    watching hundreds of people stand silently
    for two minutes
    I've been involved for a few years and its
    not something you generally see in public places
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  6. Same at the Northumbria Poodle Club show. Even the dogs were quiet.
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    Nothing to do with Clan Cameron, originally a Scottish Covenanter regiment formed in 1689.
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  8. My Granfather served with the Royal Engineers in the Middle East in WW I but nerver spoke of it, my Mother grew up in an ex-servicemans house in Galway City and was bullied because of it.:(
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  9. When I was in a rib shack in Key Largo the lady owner recognized my Help for Heroes wrist band.
    After a discussion about where and how long I had served she ended the discussion with " Thank you for your service"
    I was quite moved by that, now as I pick up service personnel in my taxi I always say "Thank you for your service" the Americans always respond thank you Sir.
    Some of our lads look confused some say thank you but all appreciate it.
    I will continue to say it and thank you to the Lady in the rib shack for starting me to show appreciation to our service men and women for their service.
    I served 23 years in REME and would rejoin tomorrow if they would accept a slightly overweight stiff jointed asthmatic
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  10. Thanks for your service...:hattip:
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