Today is Milk Day

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    It is generally thought that Milk Day was created to celebrate the first time milk was delivered in glass bottles. Prior to this, conditions for milk delivery were fairly unsanitary but the new bottles enabled safe and clean storage.

    However, Milk Day soon grew to be a day dedicated to all aspects of milk. Whether it is the health benefits of drinking it through to the farming industry that produces it, the day can be used to celebrate the wonders of milk.

    Many schoolchildren are encouraged to take part in Milk Day so that they start the good habit of drinking milk from a young age. They can also learn about the various ways milk can be used to create different foods like cheese. Trips to a local dairy are a good place to learn new facts about the process and many farms often encourage educational visits on this day.

    Lactose Free Milk Day for me.

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  2. Another one I have on 78rpm
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    I wasn’t milk monitor at infant school.

    I think the day me and my mate Tony did it as stand ins and charged 1d a bottle scotched any future trust concerns for them. :(
  4. Milk shake day would be more fun , mmmmmmmmm what’s in the fridge :)
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  5. Milk, milk, lemonade...
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  6. ... round the corner, chocolates made.

    They used to sing that at Cadbury’s,you know...
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  7. Some of the pub's in the North east used to sell chilled Milk at the bar on tap, not seen that for some time.
  8. o_O
  9. I think you have to learn that in the first year at Med School. And the "Thighbone's Connected to the Kneebone..." song. Just basic anatomy.
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  10. "My milkshake brings the boys to the yard"
  11. Do you live in Brighton?
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  12. Have you not seen those pics of art b in his leather chaps?
  13. Just been watching his demonstration of uphill gardening with Bob Flowerdew. Very impressive :thumbsup:
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  14. One of my gardening mates is gay.
    We found him up to his balls in peat, once, in a potting shed...
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  15. Coat!

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