Today is Ket day

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  1. Soz @bernjb56 - an alternative one...

    Seems it must be Ket day in Bristol today - bunch of crazies about mingling with society this morning.

    Still it passes the time I suppose....

    Short for Ketamine, which is a commonly used livestock tranqualiser.
    Ketamine does not suppress the respatory or cardiac systems and as such is also used in our hospitals for the treatment of children and adults who are allergic to other tranqs.
    Ketamine is one of the only physically addictive hollucinagens, so care should be taken to prevent a regular habit.
    Ket is usually supplied as a white powder, and is ingested via the nose (snorting).
    It is important to note at this stage that Ket produces a foul tasting acidic drip in the back of the throat when snorted, and as such most heavy users prefer to spit when on ket, rather than risk an upset stomach in the morning. For small quantities, a flavoured drink will suffice to wash out the taste.
    The effects of ket are i think best discribed as being drunk but without the bad parts. Relaxed in body and mind, and unable to perform any task at the normal rate :p.
    Larger doses will induce near anesthesia, also known as a "K Hole", in which users will be completely seperated in mind and body. A K Hole has been discribed to me as both an out of body experience and a complete understanding of ones own inner process. Most of the effects of Ketamine will wear off whithin 3 to 4 hours of ingestion, although it's worth noting that a general sense of spaced-ness will persist after a heavy dose/session.
    Prices in the UK range from £8 to as much as £20 per gram.
    Ketamine is currently a class C drug in the uk, although getting busted with it will almost certainly involve a trip to the station, unlike being caught with marijuana another class C drug.

    WARNING : Never Attempt To Bomb (swallow packages of) Ketamine, You Will Be Very Sorry :)
    Anyone got the spit pot? This ket's giving me a nasty drip.. Good sh*t though :p
  2. bernjb56

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    I think my day is probably more legal. I used to have a drawer full of Ketamine injections back in the day but I was never tempted to take any home.
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  3. Some of my son's contemporaries have lost their bladders using this drug. Not good being a 18 year old and peeing in a bag for the rest of your life. What a stupid drug to take when the world is stuffed with better ones.
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  4. Very sad when people have to resort to taking drugs to shut out real life.
    I am on drugs that I would rather not have - but they are supposed to keep me alive
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  5. Well, a disturbing post but all education is beneficial. I think I'll celebrate chocolate again. Or maybe Takeaway food :D
  6. There are some interesting photos of young people on the web that have become high on it most have peed themselves.
    Just say no.
    Natural shrooms would be better not for getting high but studys on micro dosing are interesting.
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  7. Merlin Cat

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    Knew some folk who used to take it in the 90’s. They ended up a bit off their trolleys :(

  8. Never done it, but love this.
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  9. :thumbsup:
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  10. Nothing wrong with a nice spliff :)
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  11. You’d have to include alcohol in that.

    Or not, as it is real life for most people.

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  12. And there's me thinking about my salmon steaks!:rolleyes: happily out of all that scene.:)
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    You know how pubs work?! Offies?!!

    Know what you mean though.

    I thought this was a thread about Brian Glovers PE teacher and the tragic death of a bird.
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  14. Moons

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    Paul Stammets is my hero!
  15. Yes there is. The tobacco. A pipe or bong is far ‘better’ for you.:thumbsup:
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