Today is International Ninja Day

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    Espionage, Assassination, Guerrilla warfare, and sabotage, these are the skills of the ninja. Clad in their signature black, they appear from the depths of the night like a hawk on stolen wings, striking their quarry and disappearing again without leaving a trace. They are rumoured to be the masters of Kuji-Kiri, an eastern magical practice that made them capable of combining their natural ability to move like ghosts with supernatural powers. International Ninja Day is dedicated to remembering and honouring these ancient warriors of China and Japan.

    I will be wearing black and moving with deadly grace as I go out in search of a Christmas tree. Woe betide anyone who gets in my way at the garden centre :cool:

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    I’m driving through the Brecon Beacons right now and there are a few ninja’s secreting themselves away around here as I type.
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  3. Well I didn't see this one coming!
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    High quality Japanese television from the 60's.
    Actually, it really did spark my interest in feudal Japan.

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  5. Well done Don, I’ve not seen the Iga Ninjas, the Giga Ninjas, or Shintaro himself since the 60s. We used to plunder the cafe at the hostel I was on in Marabinong to pinch their sugar shakers then shove them on to a piece of broomstick to make our very own authentic Samurai swords. We also used to run around at a hundred miles an hour but taking six inch paces, plus a lot of jumping up backwards because we didn’t know the filming had cheated when they jumped up to a house and they’d really jumped off.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,, Shintaro was cool as :)
  6. :eek:
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  7. I have one of these in the shed, (on the project list), does that count?

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  8. Very, very nice. You probably can hear the drool slapping on the floor here.
  9. Me too! But mines a bit gnarlier than that!

    It may look like this one day!
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    Once again you've broken a confidence, I told you that wasn't for public knowledge.

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