Today is Happy Hour Day

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    The first instance of the term is difficult to trace, as it was a common reference throughout the centuries, most notably in King Henry V by Shakespeare, where he states “Therefore, my lords, omit no happy hour that may be given furtherance to our expedition.”

    As a reference to a particular time of entertainment, however, it can be traced to a much more specific date, in 1913 it originated from the United States Navy. It took only the length of World War I for the term Happy Hour to refer to all periods of indulgence, including smoking, wrestling, boxing, music, movies, and dancing. As a reference to a point of drinking, however, it made its appearance during the prohibition, the term “Happy Hour” referred to that time spent at a speakeasy before retiring to restaurants no longer able to serve alcohol.

    I'd be happy if it would stop raining for an hour :(

  2. I thought the snowflake Brigade had them banned, used to enjoy a good few drinks during a good old happy session.:beer:
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  3. Had to be done.:chewie:
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  4. Some have an allergic reaction to happyness. :rolleyes:
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    Happy Hour seems to last 3 -4 hours at most of the hostelries around here. :rolleyes:

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