Today is Flossing Day

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    Flossing Day has been celebrated since the year 2000, to remind people of the importance of looking after their teeth. Flossing is an important component of this, and dental floss has been available since the late 1890s. Ironically enough, when Johnson and Johnson developed the first patented dental floss in 1898, toothbrushes were still quite expensive.

    Originally, floss was made from thin silk threads, but by the end of WWII nylon had become prevalent. While it did take 102 years to come up with such a day as Flossing Day, you shouldn’t really overlook your oral hygiene for that long. If you did, you’d lose all of your teeth long before that.

    I need to get back into the habit. My Dentist texted the other day with an appointment reminder ....

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  2. I thought the floss was a dance?
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    You can do it any way you like :chewie:
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  4. There was a girl in college a year ahead of me - known as Floss - she was fit.
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    So did mine. I rang for an appointment- March!
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