Today is Flip-Flop Day

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    People have been wearing flip-flops for thousands of years, with the earliest wearers being the Ancient Egyptians in 4000BC. Since then, the sandals have been worn throughout the world and have become a favourite for people enjoying a relaxing day at the beach or walking around in the sunshine. Flip-flops got their name because of the slapping sound they make against the ground when you walk in them.

    I’m ready to roll :


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  2. Oh my word :eek:
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  3. Your socks are going to get wet today @bernjb56 :hattip:
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  4. Wellington boots day would be more appropriate :(
  5. Ah the perfect day...... if only I weren’t wading through inches of sloppy wet mud in the rain.
    I shall defer my celebrations to a more appropriately sunny day, preferably in the Caribbean!
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  6. Invented by a Frenchman...:hattip:
    Phillip fillope..:D
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  7. As soon as I saw that post I was instantly reminded of this very fact and was about to inform the good peeps of this Latebay site of the inventor and his name. As we both knew it, then it must indeed be true. I shall also defer said celebration until a much more appropriate condition arises (sunshine maybes) ;) Off to Brizzal Volks thingy for the weekend so doubt I’ll be needing any of Mesewer Feeelloppps finestjust yet :)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,, ya beat me to it ya git :)
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  8. Have a great weekend...:thumbsup:
    Your lucky I'm off to Yorkshire...:eek:
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  9. Does a one legged man have a flip flip:p
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  10. Sun's out in Yorkshire!
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  11. Might I suggest a bit of Immac on those legs?
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  12. Didn't you suggest immac after I had that back street Brazilian last year:eek:
  13. Yeah, sorry about that Baz. That must have really stung :eek:
  14. I prefer the Australian name for them - Thongs.
    They also have a good name for Sellotape - Durex
    Things do get confusing for Brit tourists.
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  15. The slang term for con doms when I was a youth was ‘frangers’ and the branded name was something like Wet Checks or similar. When I came back to sunny England I did get some funny looks because of my venacular, and my drainpipe Levis in the land of high waisters, multi buttons, and flairdy flair trousers.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,Anyhow, have a W,,,,,, :)
  16. Not half as embarrassing as an Aussie in a British stationery shop.:)
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  17. Where's @Terrordales ? Come on, Don, you were king of the thong.
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    He’s busy posting rude things on FB. It’s only a matter of time.
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  19. Fingers crossed. I miss the old b*gger.
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    You called?


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