Today is Etch A Sketch Day

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    A lot of us will have great memories of using their Etch a Sketch as a child. At the time, it seemed like the best invention out there. For those who are unaware or need their memory jogging, an Etch a Sketch has a flat grey screen, which is housed in a red frame.

    There are then two white knobs, which are situated at the bottom of the screen, on either side. If you twist the knobs, you will be able to move the stylus around the screen, and aluminum powder will be displayed so that a solid line of black powder is created on the screen. This enables you to create different images on the screen of the Etch a Sketch.

    Since the Etch a Sketch first came about, there have been a number of improvements that have enabled us to enjoy greater functionality from this toy. However, the appearance and the core function of this toy remain the same. These toys are still in production today, and so if you want to enjoy a childhood experience all over again, you will easily be able to purchase one online for a nostalgic experience that will still provide as much fun as it used to when you were small.

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  2. Here's one I did this morning:

  3. Good it the wife...?
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  4. It was supposed to be the dog. I'm a useless artist!
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  5. The adverts demonstrating the artful masterpieces you could create were a far cry from the wobbly lined realities most 8 year olds could draw using them!
  6. Interesting fact.
    The Mona Lisa used to have eyebrows.
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  7. sorry I thought you said she was highbrow.
    Wasn't the Mona Lisa supposed to be himself without the whiskers bit's
    Off piste again
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    I was a master at rectangles :D
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  9. This is true. She lost them in a crystal meths flare up.
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    I preferred Spirograph.

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