Today is Drawing Day

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    Drawing Day reminds you that everything inside you is worthwhile and worthy to be shared with the world. It’s also there to bring much-needed appreciation and awareness to illustrators and artists. Anywhere you see a picture, from a business card to a beautiful mural on a painting, to every birthday card you’ve ever bought, an artist was designed in making it. The best way we can thank these intrepid creative souls is by picking up the pencil and making some noise for the lost and forgotten artists of the world. And maybe find a few more in the process.

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    Today I’m travelling to London on the first class carriage and eating toast and jam at a reasonable £2. I will draw it rather than take a crass photo with which to impress my friends :)
  3. Betty does more drawing than me , in the garden yesterday so day early


    She is a bit weird :D
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  4. Does your horse rock bern ?
  5. So let’s get this straight...

    The woman that married you, a bonkers old geezer pretending to be a caveman, that drives a 45 year old van, is a bit weird?????

    Just checking :)
  6. Wrong not married ,just know one another :p also not pretending to be I am , also not got 45 year old van . So your not straight correct ?
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  7. I am straight, just incorrect!! :)
  8. Your presumptuous too :D betty likes cave men and ................
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  9. Has she thought of illustrating childrens' books?
  10. She’s thought of a lot of things but is indecisive
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  11. Still waiting:D ... though the photos did give me a little trip down memory lane :thumbsup:
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  12. My cousin in Switzerland is a comic illustrator .
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  13. We artistic types are a bit like that you know :rolleyes:
    She should take a "classic" and have a doodle .... It might come to something.
  14. He'd give her some tips then .... I wrote to Raymond Briggs (1980) as I missed a book signing and was hoping for some pearls of wisdom ... He basically said he hates the drawing side of it because the story was already there and then he'd have to spend 18 months "drawing the bloody thing"
  15. 1428624B-41D1-4628-A0E3-87EC6908DE15.jpeg He’s a bit weird too!
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  16. "Wield a pencil well?
    Weird to the core!" It's a given :)
  17. Nowt such weird as folk ,you should see his guest house Muriel’s.o_O
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  18. Why what's the "craic"?
    We're calling our granny flat/holiday let "Hetty's Lodge" after a local landmark "Hetty Pegler's Tump" ....... Nothing weird about ours, just a bit "artsy"
  19. Well I know him :D
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