Today is Chicken Dance Day

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    “Der Ententanz” was the name of the song that inspired all of this, and while the dance has come to be called “The Chicken Dance”, the song itself is called The Duck Dance. At least that was its original name, and now it has spread all over the world, undergoing multiple name changes in the process. It has been known as everything from The Little Bird Dance to De Vogeltjesdans, or “The dance of the little birds.”

    This rendition was actually the B-Side of a single released by a band called “De Electornica’s”. The A-Side simply wasn’t being well received by the radio stations audiences, so they flipped it over. At that moment, history was made and it rocketed to the Dutch charts and stayed there for nearly a year. So much has its popularity exploded that it has been recorded in no less than 140 versions with over 40,000,000 records published over its lifetime.

    In 1981 the dance brought to Oktoberfest in the United States, and due to a complete lack of duck costumes anywhere near the event, they had to settle for chicken costumes instead. The result of which is the name by which it is now known.

  2. Since you asked so nicely, I will do my bit to participate in chicken dance day, but I am holding you solely responsible for any enduring chaos, and will expect a sizeable contribution should I require bail money.
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  3. I believe it is also Buttermilk Biscuit Day ???? I think I'll stick to the Chicken Dance o_O
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    No problem :hattip:
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  5. Oooh I'll play along

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  6. Pullet ?
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  7. Cock?

  8. CAUTION VERY NEAR THE KNUKLE . NO INTENT TO SHOCK OR INSULT . but it's a theme thing and too good to miss out on sharing this classic
  9. .........and lay a little egg for me - but that is too weird
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  10. Chick chick chick chick chickeeeeeen...etc
  11. ... it's got bells on

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