Today is Beard Day

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    Every year people gather in places all over the world to sport their beard, with various ways of celebrating all over the world. The origins of Beard Day have been lost to history, which isn’t surprising considering that there is evidence that the Danish Vikings have held a day in honour of their beard going back as far as 800 AD. Back in those august days, there wasn’t a specific day held to honour the beard, but multiple celebrations throughout the region.

    Take Dönskborg, Sweden for instance, where all those who lack a beard are banished from the town to spend a day and night in the nearby forest. In town, their shamefully clean-faced visages are burned in effigy by those sporting amazing beards. In southern Spain, there is a tradition of having a bearded man and a beardless boy engage in a boxing match if you can call it a boxing match when the man is armed with a sharp pike. Regardless of where you are, shaving on Beard Day is considered to be one of the worst acts of disrespect possible, and in some places, those with beards are waited on hand and foot.

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    Cue bearded weirdo from down under!

    Not that I’m calling him a down under beard, just a weirdo from down under with a beard. ;)
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  3. Oh I doubt very much he’ll take any interest in this :confused:
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  4. ..... and Google beardicillin (sp?) while you're at it :thumbsup:
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    You may need some of this :

  6. Beard and hair are well under control this year:

    Last summer mid paint prep:

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  7. There’s loads of pics of @pkrboo available online it seems....
  8. Never trust anyone with a beard, unless they’ve been in the Royal Navy. I rarely agreed with Maggie Thatcher, but she was right about beards.
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  9. Great pic. Are you the Wild Man of Poole?
  10. That pic gives me a bad case of Tele envy
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  11. Obviously having some sort of crisis

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  12. It’s our annual charity shindig back in my home town! Theme was 70s so I went as Mork from Mork and Mindy. Think this was “Nutbush City Limits”.

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  13. If you need a Tina Turner wig, you can borrow Barry’s hairpiece.
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    Another good reason to despise the mad witch.
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  15. As if we were lacking in them
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    A beard is for life and not just a fashion statement.
    Proudly bearded since 1972.
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  17. As a woman of a certain age I think I may be celebrating this more with each passing year! :D
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    Too mean to buy a razor more like!
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    Just for the upstairs beard hair removal though :thumbsup:
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