Today is Alpaca Day

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    Alpacas are cute, fuzzy animals that have been part of agriculture for the longest time. These beautiful creatures have unique personalities, sensitive to their environments and are docile in nature. That’s why there’s a holiday dedicated to these lovely animals and it’s called Alpaca Day.

    We were at a wildlife park on Sunday and we showed my granddaughter the Alpacas. She refused to believe that they were Alpacas and spent the next ten minutes saying 'I want to see the Pacas'.

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    I go to a farm that keeps them. Not sure why, but something tells me she said for wool?
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    Sarah feeding an alpaca at the camp site :)

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  5. Is that Kerry’s brother ?
  6. My wife reckons that alpacas look like Susan Hampshire ( or vice versa)

    susan hampshire.jpg alpaca.jpg
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    Alpaca shearing on a mates farm.
    22449632_1973099272701053_6852611713968303350_n.jpg 22448441_1973099772701003_5935617959344467507_n.jpg

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  8. Public footpath through a field with some in near us... they're great and friendly [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. Can you eat them?
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  10. Yes they do al Packered lunches
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  11. Terrordales

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    One of the local alpaca farmers breeds them for meat as well as wool.
    Very tasty they are too.
    Anyone for an alpaca burger?
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  12. The alpaca in my picture was being threatened with being sent off to Mary Berry / pie if his behaviour didnt improve.
  13. ... and wear them... what more would you need

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  14. A sheep?
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