TLB Winter Camp 2014 - Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth - 31 Jan -2 Feb 2014

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  1. We are just driving by so will wave. Off to gunwharf and will be up at the fort ~3/4 ish
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  2. dog

    dog Tea Boy

    Everyone's asleep
  3. Man. It was cold up there. Hope you all find warmth this eve.
  4. [​IMG]

    Richard looking good.


    Cold ladies.
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  5. I think they have all frozen to death in the caves.
  6. Birdy

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    Brill time in the tunnels. Dawson found access to the moat. It's marvellous down there.
    Good time has been had by all. Except Rodger who has found the gnome music. It's still as annoying as before.
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  7. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    I have a way for Matt to redeem himself. I need to try an experiment with the X1/9 tent. Just pulled it out and it's very dry. I'm wondering how airtight it is?? I'm willing to provide soft and furwee lover Matt pizza for about a week.
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  9. Just got home from a brill weekend, nice to see everyone again. :thumbsup:
    My propex decided to die en route to WC Friday afternoon, so it was a little chilly in the van, but it's not wintercamp unless it's cold. :cool:

    I'll post some pics later.
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  10. Great weekend guys! Some photos will follow soon.
  11. We owe someone for the pizza - @dog, Horts? anyone know how much? Brilliant weekend again guys - thanks all!
  12. .... .... .... ;)

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