TLB Summer Camp Hogs Back Brewery - B'stoke Canal Campsite - 26-28 July 2013

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  1. The site is by a canal and has a small playground and woods so probably loads to do for kids. Only thing is there are no children allowed on the brewery tour.
  2. The majority of TLB camps are spent sitting round fire pits - drinking, chatting, singing and just having a good time.
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    What about pikey wrangling?
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  4. that is not the majority .... its a rare treat :)
  5. guys,

    make sure if you want to come to pay pal me the £10 pp so I can hold your place.

    Cant wait for this one! MHB
  6. Be nice to sample the river eheh like diving in eheeh after a few now thats civilised.
  7. hmmmm......I'm in two minds about whether to camp at this or not... I only live 5 mins down the road from both the campsite and the HB Brewery so I will definitely be dropping in to say hi to anyone who is around anyway and normally I would have said it was a no-brainer to camp as well, but I need to be back in Ash for the music festival on the Saturday so I may not be around enough to merit camping... :unsure:

    If any of you like rock music you might enjoy the festival, btw - it's £7 per adult (£2 for under 14s and OAPs - proceeds go to charity) and is on all day Saturday from 11am to 7(ish)pm before moving inside the pub - more info is here:
    It's on your way back from the HB Brewery tour.... ;)

    Joking aside, the music is mostly good cover bands (the odd band aside!) on a large pro stage, so even though you don't know their names they put on a good show and you'll know the songs, it's a fun afternoon with entertainment stalls all round the field, kids and dogs are welcome, burgers, etc, and beer sold on site, and loads of people lounging on the field (in the sun :lookshopeful: ) enjoying music in the name of good charitable causes (this year it's The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice and C.R.Y).

    Anyway... I'll go back to pondering whether to camp or not and step down from sounding like a bloomin' promoter!
  8. As far as child-friendly activities go, whoever mentioned the children's playground is correct, there is also a mini training track thing with lots of obstacles that I used to climb all over when I was (a lot!) younger. In addition there is a mini railway on site in Frimley Park Lodge which sometimes runs in the summer (don't ask me when, I have no clue about that!), and for off site entertainment my child-owning friends also recommend Trilakes which is about 15 mins easy drive away if you want to entertain the kids some more :)

    From Trilakes' website (because in all honesty I've never been to this incarnation of it):
    "Set in 19 acres of beautiful countryside with two stunning lakes Jake’s @ Trilakes is a great day out for the whole family

    There’s the 6000ft2 air conditioned playbarn featuring the new giant slide which is suitable for all ages, the new indoor football court, ball ponds, shooting cannons and separate area for under 4’s.

    Then explore the outside play features including the new outside climbing frame, sand pit and mini ride on cars. We've also just added a Pirate Ship and mini assault course around the lakes!! Feed the animals in Jake’s mini-farm, meet the sheep, goats, pigs, alpacas, ponies, chickens, chipmunks, guinea pigs and peacocks amongst others!

    When you need a break there’s a great restaurant selling everything from snacks and hot drinks to freshly cooked main meals, with vegetarian and free from options and a choice of seating near the playframe or outside on the patio overlooking the lakes."
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    Don't let all this stuff for kids encourage you to bring them. No one likes children and you'll only ruin it for yourself and everyone else.

    Disclaimer: The above is obviously a joke, please don't take it any other way.
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    Hello Scrooge :hattip:
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  11. Have I sent ours?
    I can't remember! (Which probably suggests that I should not frequent breweries):lol:
  12. We need to get booked up on this! Mike4 - is the brewery tour fully booked now?
  13. I can pretty much guarantee it :beer:
  14. Guys there are 20 spaces on the tour, so far 14 have been taken.
    The paid list.

    1. Horts
    2. Mrs Horts (what she doing now?)
    3. Baghead
    4. +1 M&D
    5. +1 Red Army
    6. Top banana
    7. +1
    8. Roger
    9. Liz
    10. +1 Major Hangover
    11. Cathie
    12. +1 Ian
    13. Chris Gonner
    14. +1 Mrs Chris Gooner

    People who have pencilled in but not paid

    15. Dubster
    16. Rich
    17. Jen

    3 Spaces left. Rich and Jen I will pencil you in.
    4. If red army is not coming
    5. if mrs horts doesnt come


  15. Yes you have for you and 1 other ! :thumbsup:
  16. :chewie:
  17. Honky

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    Mrs H, camping but no tour.
  18. Honky

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    Oh crap! The stickers!
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