TLB Shardlow Sleepover Fri 10th - Sun 12th July

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  1. As no-one has booked a pitch yet and we're off on our jollies tomorrow for best part of a fortnight, I have no other option than to un-reserve the pitches :(
    Weekends get fully booked here, next weekend is almost full already, so I can't have a dozen (didn't think that was over optimistic!) pitches reserved in my name with no deposits. New manager here introduced a new procedure Friday just gone whereby we can't actually take a booking without a deposit, so currently I'm breaking the rules :oops:

    @theBusmonkey and I had hoped that there would be a bit more interest, maybe another time....
  2. Just as well I didn't manage to book then!
  3. Yeah @zed, very disappointing!! :(:(:(
  4. Same with Keith's field. Cheap weekend in a great central location and hardly any takers.
    But people still spend loads to go to some same old, same old, shows.
    Baffles me!
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  5. Why weren't you coming then?
  6. LOL
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  7. I'll be on holiday.
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  8. We would have been down like a shot but Im away in Bath on Uni study till the following Friday, mores the pity :(
  9. I dunno, i said about 15 buses and i think there were a dozen interested inside 24 hours this year, mind you Glynn accounts for about 6 buses on his own :)
    Anyways, i think the hardest part is getting the first one going, then word of mouth or whatever builds, first year it was just four.
  10. It's also a bit harder with a campsite as such. We've all got a finite budget to stretch out through the season & it's difficult making a financial commitment to something a few weeks ahead. Unless of course its a show etc.
    One of the challenges here is that because it's such a popular site we were bucking the system & reserving pitches so people could camp together.
    With us going away from tomorrow evening, Mel can't take the risk & wrath of the office manager by holding un-reserved pitches.
  11. Tis true, group camps seem to work best if you can rock up without booking if the weather looks ok. TE for instance. I've been when there's 6 vans in the cold wind or 40-50 when the weather's better. If it was pre-book only, even on a good weather weekend I bet we'd be lucky to see half as many turn out.
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  12. Sod the lot of yer's - I will still be at The Old Crown over the weekend,
    I'll have a pint with my old mate Martin the disgraced primary school teacher instead.
  13. So Mr Fishtrousers...we have a mutual friend in the 'Disgraceful Martin'....He used to be my neighbour when we lived on Shardlow marina...
    If you get bored there's FREE CAMPING over at Husbands Bosworth all weekend...that's where we will be!
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  14. I was intending to turn up for the Saturday and need to pack the bus as Im away on holiday next week myself. Anyone booked in and actually going? If not then I will make other plans.
  15. Woodylubber

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    There is a organised camp here in march @oscar and it's getting booked up fast, Iv'e just been looking at it, looks good, pub with bands on both Friday and Saturday night also

    @The Bobdogs are you or anyone else from here going to that Smithys Spring Campout here in March. also @theBusmonkey is this still anything to do with you. :thumbsup:
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  16. An organised camp where?
  17. Woodylubber

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    Shardlow Marina, in march. got bands on and it looks good
  18. Nothing to do with us, Smithys have this event planned as part of their annual programme
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  19. Woodylubber

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    Cool Thanks it looks good, will you be about when it's on

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