TLB On The Farm - Off-Site Free Music Festival Bus Line-Up - 25-27 May 2012

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  1. i ve got wood !!

    Very funny, just had to explain to Tina. :lol:

    We will have the bush pig with us so anyone is welcome to use the heat. :thinking:
  2. I'll be turning up later into the evening as I have an epic journey to Stoke and back after school, is there anyone willing to let me have a contact number just in case I end up in a spot of bother on route to the campsite, can also le you know when I'm close :) I know this seems wierd coming from some random you have never met but by t'end of wkend I hope not to be a random anymore ;D
  3. What day you travelling friday or saturday ??
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  9. its a posh ride on mower. bog roll, sink and an operative in a hi-vis. ;)
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  13. Well I don't know about you lot but I am absolutely knackered :( . Anyway bus is on-site Awning is up. Iggle Piggle's tent is up. We also have seven tents already on site some of those are bandmembers for Friday night and some of my friends as well. :)
    It would be good if you guys went en route tomorrow can text me with estimated time of arrival. ;)

    This should make for a great weekend and I can't wait to meet some new faces as well as old ones. Fire pits are ready charge :)
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    no probz mate - will txt ya when we meet up with Woody n Trev ;D
  15. So here's the rollcall so far :)

    1 markeyman & Doodlebug. Paid
    2 Iggle Piggle. Paid
    3 MorkC68, Michelle & Ellie. Paid
    4 WoodyLubber. Cash on the day
    5 Magical Trevor & Mrsmagicaltrev. Paid
    6 lowie & Mrs lowie. Paid
    7 Yorkshirecampers & Paley. Paid
    8 Loudoo2. Paid
    9 markbutler47.
    10 oscar. Paid
    11 VWOlive. Paid
    12 Vantasy. T5 Cash on the day
    13 Yips. Paid
    14 Lord Congo.
    15 Joycee72. Paid (Saturday bright and early)
    16 lola. Paid
    17 Seven Sinners (camper) :) Paid
    18 Dog. Paid
    19 daniel_son. Paid
    20 sANDYbAY. Cash on the day
    21 Andy (Keyboard) Paid
    22 Zed
    23 Bumpnugger7 Cash on the day

    Total 23 buses
  17. Just found this in the back of the cupboard!

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