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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by JenW, Nov 21, 2011.

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  4. In the email that was sent out i cannot open the attachment's! :(
  7. Thank's Gwar72 that is great thank's ;D
  8. Just to be confusing Tim from Firetec has another type of extinguisher to offer:

    From 1st January we will be offering VW T2 owners the option of a different, slightly larger cylinder, at the same price as the present version.
    The new version is not actually new at all! It is actually the original version that we supplied T2 owners with, and which had been based on a cylinder who’s USA manufacturer went bust about 3 years ago. Now a cylinder manufacturer in Germany has started production of this same cylinder allowing us to revert (when required) to the original format.

    The two cylinder sizes, in mm, are:

    Present cylinder diameter: 88 height / length of cylinder: 259 height length of cylinder with head: 299
    ‘New’ cylinder diameter:108 height / length of cylinder: 307 height length of cylinder with head: 347

    The ‘new’ cylinder contains 1.7 kg of AFFF or powder, i.e. 65% more extinguishing agent.
    The rest of the equipment i.e. valve/head, tube and options, remain unaltered.

    The ‘new’ cylinder was originally fitted into more than 200 x VW T2’s although I do not know if any of these were fitted ‘under the ceiling’. We do not have a T2 here and we will leave it up to your members to work out if there is space above the engine for an additional 20mm diameter of cylinder. Perhaps you can let me know about this.

    I'll also send this out by e-mail
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    good news, i'll have the bigger one.
  10. How will we indicate on the order form which one we want?
  12. can i have the large one please
  13. I would like to order one too - with extras please, can Paypal you immediately if you let me know the details.
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    I'm so glad to see so many taking advantage of this offer. Remember folk it's not just fuel lines that cause fires. Electrical systems also cause them.

    And don't hold off fitting it. It's really simple to do.
  15. Jen, I have emailed you my order form and PayPal dosh on its way.

    Thanks again
  18. i m having a complete brain malfunction over this lol what are people getting as a price , i m having the larger capacity bottle, chaff guard and the 2way switch , thanks in advance :)
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