Tips for non plumbers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jivedubbin, Oct 10, 2019.

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    IMG_20191010_132852815.jpg The white plastic thing is an elbow ,the white tape at the bottom of it is PTFE .
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  2. That was probably done by a heating engineer.
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    Didn't work then Nige?

    Try leakstop spray next mate! :thumbsup:
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  4. I have no words.
  5. I shall simply retire to a quiet corner of my shed and gently weep myself to sleep..

    Find a happy place
    Find a happy place
    Find a happy place
  6. Here’s another tip for non plumbers. Think about your own job, imagine me trying to do it. If you think it would end in disaster and failure, apply that same logic to my job.
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  7. Luckily any dumb lychee can do my job so not going to end in disaster.
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  8. ^^^ WHS

    You need to go round with at least 2 more rolls !!
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  9. There is an exception to this. If said DIYer had used the ptfe tape to wrap around his own elbow. Restricting blood flow, causing the limb to become infected and leading to generalised sepsis and eventual death, thus ending his bloodline and the chance of him having offspring to copy his diy techniques. Then obviously that’s a fair use of ptfe and an elbow.
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  10. and That's the gas pipe :eek:
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  11. If it's not duck tape it's not a proper repair
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