tiny-pie's spring camp pics 2013

Discussion in 'Show Event Photos' started by Tiny-Pie, Apr 8, 2013.

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  3. Thought it would be just a hoof print
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  4. Disappointed!!!! ? Think surprised would have been the better word :)
  5. Woodylubber

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    I love Margaret :thumbsup:
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    Best get down there then :)
  7. He does , he really does :)

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  8. Sounds like dents going to need it own aircooled garage soon

    The minuites of the dent parish council meetings are online and it seems they have had a crime wave of two fake twenty pound notes being spent
    Some theft of cattle and a trailer also poachers have been spotted in the area recently

    I hope thats not the council meeting after we left roflmao
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  9. Pie and chips
  10. it was bangin looking forward to summer camp ehehehehehehh
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  11. Hey m nice pics..........but you missed out the beer selection?
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  12. i
    want the pub and all thats in it in one session.
  13. Sorry i didnt see you before i left PATRICK GOMERY, but you have a habit of vanishing, good to meet you and hope to see you again.
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  14. Was great to meet you dude indeed:thumbsup:

    Next time you camp with us try not to fill your van full of gas from the cooker
    I havent implimented a camping plan for a gas explosion yet lol

  15. You mean to say , you dont have a gas leak detector in your rucksac , shame on you,
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  16. I got enough ribbing for carrying some waterproofs,a first aid kit and a litre of water and people wondered why i took a walking staff for an easy mile an half walk

    I used the stick,the first aid kit and the water on that walk
    Ive seen a lot of out of the blue things happen that turn a short walk into somthing more severe
    I feel happier carrying a few thing just incase
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  17. Flakey

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    I'm dissapointed,
    I thought you just needed a 3inch folding knife and you could fashion everything else from nature!
  18. Ian
    Sos mate ......buy u a beer next time
  19. No the less than three and half inch and a folding knife is a requirement to be able to carry a knife without reason and stay within the law

    I can do many things with a knife but some things need doing before and carrying with you
    You wouldent be wanting to go and find some sphagnum moss if you had just slipped and ended up with a compound fracture
    You would be glad of the prior made up/bought first aid kit that you took with you
    People may have mocked you for carrying a military fitst field dressing designed for gun shot wounds when you set off
    You would be glad of it when you slip down a wet bank and get impaled on a blackthorn branch

    It was so great to meet so many good old freinds this weekend and meet so many new freinds
    However i did get a realisation that i want somthing different from most during a weekend in the countryside

    I think the penny has finally dropped that im not the communal sort of bloke i thought i was and im no longer a big drinker
    Im pretty sure im better off with quiet weekends on my own on top of the hills

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