tiny and stephen get there first project and its a 20 millionth edition

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  1. Gonna have to rename him...:)
  2. now he s bigger its tiny og in irish it means son off lol he s still my tiny
  3. Feck me he’s grown owen
    My eldest is now 18 and my youngest is 9
    I don’t know where the time has gone
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  4. hows you keeping , he is turning into such a nice wee fella ,makes me so proud. he s very considerate , keen to learn , thats why i let him deal his own wee deal on the polo . hope you ve been keeping well i always think about how you are :beer:
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. well billy got married on sat and it all went very well , 1beetle carried lizzy and her da brides maids went in mk 2 cortina est billy and groomsman best man went in his ole polo . now in italy for 4 days to recover , best pic ive seen is bride in car sitting on her own beautiful

    and shadow the dog was there too
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