Tintagel - campsites recommendations please

Discussion in 'Cornwall' started by oxiderenegade, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Hi

    I am planning in Aug next year a trip to Cornwall and a weeks camping in the bus at Tintagel.

    We have only ever left Suffolk/ Norfolk in the bus once and we all know what happened :rolleyes:.
    Any recommendations please , we don't want to wild camp, family friendly , we would like something in walking distance of a pub .Been looking on line but to be fair in we are close to home does not really matter if a site sucks but being that far away and our first big holiday for years I would like something decent :) !

    Thanks in advance for your advice :thumbsup:
  2. Were did you stay in the end mate?
  3. hi jama saw your boscastle thread but couldnt remember name of one i stayed at years ago just along coast ,depends what your after too , their are alot along that stretch tho try uk campsites
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  4. appreicate the response, parents are staying in boscastle so we thought we would go down and suprise them, so aslong as its walkable from boscastle it would be perfect, its the forst trip in our bus, so cant wait mate!
  5. This ones in Cornwall , cant remember where tho.

  6. Not going till August just planning it at the moment :)
  7. I have to say that I don't like Tintagel. One of those places ruined by too much tourism at the tat end of the spectrum. Loads of nice places to stay in Cornwall, for me Tintagel isn't one of them.
  8. This is Bay View Farm Near Looe, I know it's not near Tintagal but it's worth a thought of you travelling down that way 4686246047070.jpg
  9. Hi all, ended up staying in Lower Penny crocker farm, 2 miles out of Boscastle, great facilities , fantastic views and about 2 miles out of Boscastle. We would defiantly recommend. Also they are dog friendly!

  10. That looks like St Ives below
  11. Correct that is St Ives :)
  12. There are loads of them around - I can only really speak for the one I go to regularly which in Newperran but thats not near Tintagel. Tintagel tends to be an expensive area trading up on the legend of King Arthur etc. A few miles out and there are plenty of camp sites about, most down there have all the facilities that you would need. Have a look on http://www.ukcampsite.co.uk there are reviews for most of them sites :)
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  13. Any recomendations for a single night in Tintagel?

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