This specific style of rock n roll bed

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  1. We have the Volkswares bed, works well, fit well too from memory.

    The struts work just fine, never had any issues but what I would say is put some foam on the cross brace it rests on if you drive with the bed set up, it rattles!

    It does take two to fit it as it is quite heavy.


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  2. Thanks Mork. What's the finish like? On the videos it looks like the edges of the parts cut from sheet are a bit sharp.

    If you get a chance, can you tell me how much height there is between the base frame and the floor (i.e. the height of the legs) and the distance between the bottom of the wheel arch and the inside of the trim panel? Also the width of the square tubing would be good.
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  3. I wouldn't recommend the Volkswares one. I have one and it's fine in its design but the company itself are dreadfully unreliable. They kept me waiting for months with all sorts of excuses - the final one being that it was away at the powder coaters and would be with me within a week. It was over a week and when it arrived it was clear it had just been painted and not powder coated, and in fact two of the supports were still bare steel...
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  4. The finish was good, there are a couple of sharp edges which we easily cleaned up with a Dremel and now poses no issues.

    I'll see if I can get to measure the areas, poor old Gusbus is full of our Westy's rear seats bench and boxes of upholstery / foam but I should be able to squeeze in. I'm only delicate so I should fit :D

    Its been fitted for five years now with no complaints so far, nothing has broke off.

    When we ordered I called them direct and it came very quickly.
  5. We have the JK one
    Good points... it's adjustable from full size to 3/4
    Bad points... it's an absolute pain to pull up from bed to seat.
    It's that annoying I will be changing it in the future.

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  6. I've bought a version of this from Germany via Ebay - search for VW T2 Camper Westfalia Rock and Roll bed - it was £190 plus £25 delivery but they are £205 now. The only odd thing is that the installation instructions are sent via an email link so you don't get a paper copy. I'm going to be fitting it soon so will let you know how it goes.


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