This raises so many questions...

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  1. If / when you buy it, I reckon we should all chip in and do a relay to get it to you. I’ll do the Liverpool to Manchester leg. Doubt I’d sleep in the same room as it though. You could display it and charge people to witness it.
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  2. Or just touch it. It probably has healing powers...
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  3. There's another one on Ebay over £100 the painting has certainly devalued it.
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  4. Love the porker..
  5. Which series are you watching?
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  6. Series 3 about to watch episode 4 tomorrow..
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  7. It’s a wedding pic
    It’s not a proper wedding without a brawl of some kind Nipper :)
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  8. You've got a whole series 4 to watch :thumbsup: They're all weird...
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  9. It may be solid but no matter how good / bad / scarey you think it looks , at the end of the day it`s a chopped up panel van door so ......

    Less than worthless :rolleyes:
    (apart from the "furniture" .. }

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  11. Apparently Sofia Helin hated driving it - didn’t get on with the gears. I read that in some scenes it’s driven by one of the crew wearing a blonde wig...
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  12. Oi.
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  13. I messaged the seller of the door[​IMG]

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  14. Great work! I feel much better about ridiculing it now it’s not real people...
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  15. :eek::eek::eek:
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  16. And here they are...

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  17. I googled Under the Mud & found this.... 09774DEE-6A63-4F48-A70B-D54FEE875FAA.jpeg

    Scary, scary folk!
  18. Lol.... great minds!
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  19. Beat ya!
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