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  1. I think chiro is a better name than Osteo !

    We are talking about a new dog’s name aren’t we :thinking:
    I think maybe you could get better results from a Halti than a choke chain around its neck as well
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    it doesn't really give any real details as to what happened
  4. Havnt read the link but is that the bank manager one ? Read a bit abart it ont net . You win some you loose some spose .
  5. you know your doggy stuff huh:D
  6. Sounds like there's a bit more to the story than just simple chiropractoring. The table drop thing is a bit odd - could that have done the damage?
    Still, a good reason not to go and get your neck manipulated!
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  7. That’s sad and unfortunate for both parties. More details would be good to go with the shock horror tabloid statement.
    I’ve been using a McTimony chiropractor for year’s and I. Recommend her to everyone. Shame it doesn’t mention type of practice.

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    I’ve used both, with table dropping at both too, for years with no ill effects.

    Physios on the other hand.....

    There are genuinely fantastic exponents in all three treatments and I imagine less able in each too.

    I’d nominate chiros love a touch of drama most!
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  9. Stay well away, is my view!
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  10. Sounds to me as if one of the table mechanisms, that are there to help with certain "manipulations" either moved when it shouldn't have, or was used at the wrong moment ... The two bones at the very top of the neck don't leave any room for error, so if the bench put some traction in when his neck was held at a certain angle, end of story :(
    I felt sick reading it :confused:
  11. Would be interested to know if you've also picked up on the picture I've been peddling over the years, which is that while there's a lot of overlap between them, (Chiropractic is an offshoot of Osteopathy) and if you watched a video of, say, 100 of each you wouldn't necessarily be able to tell which was which, the Chiropractic profession as a whole is much more geared up to the business side of things, with more sessions, and shorter sessions, at shorter intervals, over a longer period of time ... and in-house X rays very popular .... not to mention the use of equipment like adjustment benches and wedges etc.
    They seem more systematic/one size fits all, with a focus on the spine and it's effects on nerve supply to everything else, whereas Osteo is more "holistic" with a better grip on the bigger picture, and the individual patient's details.
    This narrowness with Chiro might be why Chiropractors are more likely to take an interest in, and train in, parallel disciplines like Kinesiology.
    I'm not anti Chiro. As you say there are excellent and poor in both. It just wasn't for me.
    The guy was 80 so that bench should have been locked up good and tight, if that's what did it.
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  12. Yes! This is a good point because McTimony is much more subtle and considered ... rather like Craniosacral Osteopathy being the "thinking Osteopath's Osteopathy".
    I used to work in tandem with a McTimony Chiropractor for this very reason
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  13. Problem is that a lot of people go for treatment and don't know that crunching their neck around might end up being part of the session.
    It really isn't necessary 99.99% of the time ... The way they tell it does sound as if the bench shift turned "massage + articulation" into "manipulation"
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    I’d nominate that xrays are indeed found more in Chiros yes. I’ve never felt like either were unclear in length if treatments or number.

    I’ve had both recommend me to good sports masseurs eventually as they stated they couldn’t add to the recovery, so I never felt milked as it were.
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  15. Sounds as if you've had the best experience :thumbsup:
    Only question is how come you ended up needing that much attention ... Not asking you to spill your case history! it's just that my average number of sessions per patient, in any ten year period, is three. (Not a great business model :rolleyes:)
    We're supposed to set people up so they can repair themselves, as they're designed to do that, and I don't mean by doing exercises necessarily, that's where Physios come into their own being so good with "rehab" ... I mean because we're designed to self repair. Problem is "head office" doesn't always realise something needs adjusting until some outside agent "holds up a mirror" ......
  16. one word, well sport, RUGBY
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  17. My nerve damage / herniated discs has taken a new this weekend :rolleyes:. Got the vibrating phone in the left pocket syndrome o_O . Looked it up and lots of different opinions but most lead to my disc n nerve trubs . Tis wierd though just came on just like that and goes just like that ,then comes on again . I’m assuming my over indulgence in putting heavy fings on da roof rack azent elpd. Oh well rest needed .:oops: Backs who’d avum!
  18. Aha! Irony is, I probably wouldn't have ever become an Osteo had it not been for a Rugby injury that put me "on the path" ......
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  19. You've had a couple of major dings haven't you?
    Not to mention years of driving around in those floor-less cars :D ... Once life has "moved the goalposts" like that it all gets much less predictable .... Can be such a tiny shift that brings on the buzzing etc.
    .....In your pocket? Top 1/3 of your thigh to the side.
    L.2 then? If so (as opposed to the more common L.4&5) then there might be something to be done, with your diaphragm and "Quadratus Lumborum" to decompress that area and take it away from the brink a bit
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