This is the last one... this IS the last one...

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  1. This is the last one....

    So today I went and bought a 1973 1303S 'BIG' Beetle, it wasnt what I planned from the day! and I think its becomming a bit of an addiction.

    I've know the car for a good few years now and its been passed around my mates and his newphew had it as his first car for a while. Anyway its sadly been in storage for two years while the previous owner is working abroad.




    So while it still looks a very tidy late beetle ontop unfortunatley being sat for so long has taken its toll underneath and it failed miserably at its last attempt at an mot.

    Floors, heater chanels, inner wings being the worst of the rot (so far!)




    So long story short the previous owner (to who money is no object) was waiting for the car to go and be fully restored, thankfully (for me!) the company has messed him about for so long when I asked the question what he was doing with it, it was offered to me at a price I couldn't refuse.

    Have to say its not really my cup of tea but it is a very tidy and original car, so its growing on me.

    Plans for the time being are to remove the engine maybe for the Green bay to get it MOT'd whilst the 1776 can be built up. Then when I get time have a look at removing the body and see the extent of the rot.
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  2. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I like it and I like the colour :)
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  3. I think the colour sold it to me, I'm a sucker for green cars and add in a magnolia (light off brown colour) interior! :cool:
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  4. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Green is probably my least favourite colour but that looks lovely!
  5. Dubs

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    Lovely 1303 mate! Great Bugs to drive :thumbsup:
  6. Looks like a fun car..
  7. Cool!

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