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    At this point, a good sense of humour may be required.
    Later on you might be needing one of these. [​IMG]
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  2. I had to put a stack of washers on my Bowden tube/clutch cable to be able to get it to adjust properly.
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    Yeah, but, that's probably not the answer this time - He's already done that (with a wheel nut) to get his bowden tube a nice shape, and he's got a LOT of thread left to tighten up the cable.

    As Dunc spotted earlier...
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  4. Thanks everyone for their input.
    Will try and get the engine back in as soon as I can (no-one to help me lift it around until next week) and play around with tightening the cable again.
  5. Checked everything again - took the clutch lever arm and spring out again and all looked good so decided to check the travel of the bearing again.

    Is around 5mm short of the end of the tube so I decided to do some measuring again and also tweak the cable as has been suggested :)

    I tightened the cable so that now it should make the bearing around 1mm away from the clutch fingers (the arm is now a few degrees off being at 90 degrees to the horizontal).

    When the pedal is fully depressed, the bearing is around 1mm away from the end of the tube so will have more push on the fingers.

    Just need to get the engine back in now :(
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    As long as you understand this is not how to set the clutch. For interest, how much further onto the cable thread is the nut now? Got a pic?
  7. Not sure - will get a pic tomorrow
  8. The wing nut is probably around 50 percent down the thread:

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    That's more like it. :thumbsup:
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  10. Engine is back in - just need to connect the throttle cable and will then see what happens.
    Hope to get it running in the next few days (depends on the weather and things I have to do!)
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    I guess you've done the finger on the pedal test/adjustment? I wouldn't bother starting it yet - test that clutch action, adjust the clutch and only then start it. Crunching gears is bad for them.
  12. You guessed wrong :)
    Forgot about that - when I was under the van I pulled the lever as far as I could get it to move and then adjusted the wing nut so I think it is very nearly in the right position.
    Will test it from the pedal end next then - thanks!
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    Generally - I would never attempt to select the gears with the engine running before adjusting the clutch or even connect up the carbs, heating or anything else in case you have to take the engine back out for some reason- like the time I forgot to transfer the clutch release bearing from old to new gearbox. Doh!
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  14. You are right (as usual) - especially learning the hard way :rolleyes:
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    Another part of my learning curve was fitting, removing and stripping all the fan and tin and carb etc from one engine 5 times in a couple of days. That rubbed it in! Cracked block near the cooler hiding under the fan housing. I hoped it was the cooler seals.
  16. Good news. Pressed the clutch pedal using my fingers and after around 3 inches of travel I can now feel a resistance :)
    Will tighten the nut a bit more and the throttle cable and see it goes.
    If good I will put everything back in and tighten everything back up.

    Cheers everyone :thumbsup:
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    Woo-Hoo! :chewie:

    My guess - 6-8 turns more.
  18. Did around 10 turns and felt to tight so backed it off around 4 - seems good.

    Battery is flat so put it on charge and I will try again in the next few days :)
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  19. Hurrah !!!
    It works - had to turn it 8 times back in and the clutch bites as it should and could now get it in every gear with no issues :)

    Will add a few more things (windscreen washer bottle etc) then take it off of SORN and take it round the block to see how it behaves

    Thanks everyone for your help so far.
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    Bloody awesome!
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