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  1. Weather relented so some work done today - hurrah :)

    Replaced the fuel tank nipple with a new one and bought extra washers plus the metal petrol tank filter.
    Installed and no leaks so another thing off of the list.

    Also bought bolts for the 2 heater cables so I can connect up the heat exchangers and also the bolt for the carburettor.
    Fitted and the heater levers now work the flaps in the heat exchangers and pressing the accelerator pedal now allows the engine to be revved (yes, the engine still works ;) )

    Step back is the clutch. Pressing the clutch only moved the clutch lever on the side of the gearbox by about 10mm which is not enough to make the clutch do its job :(
    It worked fine without the engine fitted so can only assume something is not right and will have to pull the engine I suppose :( :(

    No pictures I'm afraid!!
  2. Have you tried tightening the clutch cable, it's a whole different ball game with a clutch for it to work against.
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  3. Yep and now only moves 5 mm - so I think something is stuck :(
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  4. Awesome! Getting close now!
  5. If you haven't sorted this yet, with the clutch cable removed, operate the lever by hand. There should be very approx 5mm movement at the lever end with just the lever spring to work against. If no movement or lots, it's engine out time.
  6. 11.04.2021

    Removed the engine from the gearbox then had to jack up the rear of the van to get it out (wish I had put a removable valance in when I had the chance….)



    My jack broke so I had to get another one :(

    View of the gearbox - everything looks good in there - thrust bearing and all its bits look fine and move as they should.


    A video of the release bearing moving when the clutch pedal is depressed - does it look as it should (looks correct to me)?

    Engine in the garage a quick pic of the clutch assembly - thoughts?

  7. A video of the clutch pedal end of the assembly - looks good to me.

  8. When you fitted the engine, the cable butterfly nut was already fitted so in effect the clutch randomly adjusted.
    You had a bit of a fight fitting the engine IIRC? Perhaps pushing against an over adjusted clutch, or at least having to pull the engine the last bit with the bottom M10 nuts?
    When you tightened (?) the clutch cable you had less movement.

    So... Could it be what you needed to do was loosen the clutch cable?
  9. I like your train of thought.
    Yes the butterfly nut/cable was already fitted but not tight as in the thrust bearing was resting, no tension on it.
    I did have to tighten the bottom nuts to pull the engine in.
    Everything looks right so I will slacken it off totally then put the engine back in and see how it goes.
  10. 19.04.2021

    Grabbed an hour tonight to look at the clutch issue and decided to adjust the bowden tube as looking at pictures and other people commenting that the sag wasn’t enough.

    Now looking about right with the sag and the clutch cable is a better fit (not as much spare sticking out!)

    A video of the clutch lever movement - looks good.

    A video of the clutch release bearing movement which looks to be right too.

    Next will be to put everything back and see what happens.
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  11. Engine back in so will get the electrics hooked up and test everything again.
  12. 01-05-2021

    Today I connected up the electrics and filled up the petrol tank - fired up after some cranking due to fuel starvation ;)

    Turned it off and connected the throttle cable, back in the cab and all good. The clutch appears to work now but will know better once it’s on the ground.

    Started to add the drive shafts, bloody bearings had fallen out of one so had to disassemble and make it good plus smash a load of grease in - connected and all good.


    One problem was I used the washer that came with the bolts for connecting the drive shafts, but it didn’t seem to go far enough down so I couldn’t get the circlip on so used the original washer and all good.


    Was going to do the other one, but all bearings were in but one end was far too stiff and at the wrong angle so will pull this one apart and rebuild too.

    Also added the foam around the engine tinware - a few pics.




    Will try and get the other drive shaft on if the weather holds out and maybe get it lowered on to the drive and test the clutch out!!
  13. 02.05.2021

    Remind me why I am bothering with this van :(

    Sorted out the CV joint for the drive shaft so both installed:



    Jumped into the cab and started the engine, clutch in and engage first gear - as soon as the gear stick is moved forward the wheels start to turn - so the clutch is still not working. WTF :(

    Plus a click noise, probably from that CV joint I sorted so I think I will buy a brand new one to be on the safe side.

    But why is the clutch still not engaging :(
  14. Did you check the condition of the spigot bearing in the end of the crank. What's all that black crap that was on the centre clutch splines. That little bearing, all 5 quids worth can cause a world of pain if it's bad.
    AKA pilot bearing,..just a thought that you probably don't want to read coz it means... Pulling it out again if you're not sure.:(
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  15. It looked OK so never touched it. How can that affect the clutch from not working?
    The black crap is grease. Cheers
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  16. Well only in that it all centres around the bearing when you're reassembling the clutch onto the flywheel.
    I'm as mystified as you, but if the bearing was bad, may it possibly affect alignment on the splines when you use the plastic alignment tool?
    Clutching...see what I did straws, but the operation of your release/throwout bearing looks good.
    The ends of the forks that operate the bearing can wear, so I usually touch those up, and it's not uncommon for them to split off the cross shaft where they are spot welded on, so if it does come out again check the forks are parallel.
    Hope you sort it..:thumbsup:
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  17. Thanks for your suggestions and I hope I sort it too.
  18. 27.06.2021

    Not been on for a while as the company I work for had a cyber attack and 90% of our computer systems were compromised so ended up working 17 hour days for 3 weeks trying to get our systems back.
    Almost there now so will have more time to work on the van!!

    Managed to drift out the door hinge pins :)



    The bottom of the door is in need of some tlc so a few pics of what needs to be addressed.



    Along the trailing edge


    The clutch still doesn’t engage.

    When pressing the clutch there is no resistance (even after tightening up the cable more) so it feels like the release bearing is not even touching the pressure plate :(
  19. Started to prepare to remove the engine to work out what is going on with the clutch...
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  20. good luck. I’ve just read some of your thread and it sounds like a complete mystery why it won’t work. I’m afraid I have absolutely no mechanical knowledge to help. Do clutch plates stick together? Is that even a thing?
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