Things you find in old buildings...

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  1. I mean my house isn’t that old... but the carpenter found a news paper from 1954 in the attack ... and these...


    So... what have you found
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  2. Moons

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    @Poptop2 is in the one on the left...
  3. Dazza

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    Bring em to September TE :thumbsup:
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  4. Did you buy it from Bazza? :)
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  5. I’d have been upset if you thought that was old. I was 8 then :cool:
  6. Blimey £1.50 I Bet they don’t look that good now! :D
  7. Makes you wonder what else your Carpenter has been doing in your attic :eek::D
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  8. Arnt they just old versions of Betterware catalogues?
  9. Dazza

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    Are all pages accessible or are some stick together. ... I’ve got loads like that ... very frustrating
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  10. Well, let’s just say all were accessible.
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  11. Worth a read?
  12. Post no. 1.

    Anything more than that... well let’s just say it’s a family forum, with ladies. So keeping respectful.

    Wait until techenders
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  13. Of course .... Just always wanted to use that "emoji gif" thingy
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