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    Drove through town last night and saw a chav legging it with a chicken tikka masala.
    I think he was a bit confused when his mates texted him to say they were robbing Currys.

  2. haha quality ;D ;D
  3. dog


  4. The first conviction has been made of a thug who ransacked DFS. He was given a hefty fine but nothing to pay until 2012 then 4 years interest free credit.
  5. :)
  6. hahahahaha thats great ;)
  7. Here's a few more

    In the wake of the weekend unrest, police are accused of failing to heed predictions of a riot by MPs, local groups and the Kaiser Chiefs ::)

    BBC News: Rioters threatened with eviction. - What a great idea... Put them all out on the streets?

    Can we make sure the Before and After riot pictures for Croydon are clearly labelled.

    I'm not happy. I just got a new PC and it's not working right. - I've got a good mind to go and ask for my brick back.

    DVD piracy Ad: You wouldn't steal a television. - Evidently lots of people would
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