These Boots Are Made For Walking.....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scrooge95, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. …. because looking at the polka dot shoe thread that @Jules65 started, some shoes definitely aren't made for walking!!

    And now I have Kirsty MacColl as an ear worm too!

    So come on then, there must be a few footwear related songs out there...

    It's Saturday night and your starter for 10, as the title says:

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  2. balls... that was my next one after the fabulous Kirsty! :D

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  3. shoes... walking... stomping... i'm going to the Klub foot with the Guana batz. probably with @Dazza somewhere :D
  4. haha, good lateral thinking, I'm actually struggling with shoe related songs... there must be some??
  5. there's this... pretty sure this was from a bette davies quote
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  6. Innit...
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  7. that's the lovely and inimitable Kirsty and Amy gone too soon :(

    I know all the arguments against but I actually like paul simon and black mambazo.
  8. Shut up and be upstanding for THE KING!

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  9. How could I have forgotten Elvis. I am ashamed!
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  10. I really like stormzy, sound politics, social conscience and a stand out voice!
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  11. YES!
  12. I'm sorry.

    I really am.

    It was just there. in the deep dark recesses.

    sorry :oops:

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  13. you are way cooler than me. i'm going into the garden to eat worms.
    it's what i deserve.

    Love the big yin!

  15. hahaha nooooooooo! Music is joy, and we worship in a broad church :)
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  16. Brilliant!
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