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  1. Hello from a new late bay owner!
    Having wanted one for quite some time I finally took the plunge a few weeks ago (aka a moment of madness one Saturday evening) and bought a project Kombi - a 1973 UK model.

    And it's very definitely a project. :eek: Had plenty work done prior to me buying it - lots of welding and panel replacement - but plenty more work to do of all types. I expect I'll know almost every single bit of it once I've finished - but it'll be a long slow leisurely project. (I need to get my corrado back on the road too - but at least the problems with that now look trivial compared to the Kombi).

    It came without keys so first job was to remove the ignition lock to get the key number - fiddly job, but used the wire j hook method successfully and I now have a shiny new key!

    I've been lurking for a while and doing plenty of reading, but in some cases I'm still just as confused - so apologies in advance for the stupid questions I'll be asking.
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    Welcome along! Looks like a solid starting point you've got there. Get a resto thread going for it, we all love seeing pics.
    Where are you based?
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  3. Baysearcher

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    Depending where you are, its Techenders this weekend (LE17 5AU).
    Great opportunity to ask a load of questions and take millions of photos of the bits you're going to be replacing!
  4. Welcome along from Dorset.
    Their Greeeeat you know.
  5. Dubs

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    Welcome along.

    Looks like a great project you have there! :thumbsup:
  6. Hello and welcome from Somerset

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  7. Welcome from a Sunny Rotherham Notts :D
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  8. In the right place for stupid questions.
    Ow do from the Land of the White Rose.
  9. Welcome

    I love a corrado too.. i had one as a company car back in the day - awesome machine.
  10. Hello and welcome from Tufty :)
  11. Poptop2

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    We like silly questions, they make us feel clever after asking them ourselves previously. :thumbsup:

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  12. Welcome :beer:
    What work are you doing on the Corrado? I used to own one and done plenty of work on it (still got some bits somewhere)
    I take it being 5 -stud its a VR6?
  13. Thank you for the welcome. I’m in County Durham. Can’t make techenders, but never know next year. I should have gone to VW Festival at Harewood but that was just before I bought it. The corrado is a VR6 - good spot Klunk72 - the next work on that is to have the windscreen replaced, but it needs some work to the metal - there are a couple of holes that I know but not sure what it’ll be like once the screen is out. I’ve been putting it off for a while but it’s now cracked right down the centre :mad::eek: The bay doesn’t even have a windscreen right now.
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  14. I remember taking my front screen out, well actually it started de-bonding itself in the top corners. I did a couple of weld repairs and painted it with por15 paint then arranged for a windscreen replacement to be fitted as mine had 'cracked' The fitter was made up that i did all the hard work taking wipers, A pillar trims off etc but gloated that he was one of the few that knew about corrado screen fitting. There was (i think 3) trim strips that had to be bonded in with the screen so a bit of careful alignment was required. He actually did quite a good job!!
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    Hello and Welcome from The Colonial Contingent :hattip:
  16. Hello and welcome from a fellow County Durham bay owner.
    I’ve had so much help and advice from everyone on here, absolutely invaluable.

    Owning a bay, the laughs come in very handy as well!
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  17. Welcome, do like a good tin top and a Corrado.
  18. I’ll start a restoration thread soon - though it’s odd thinking of it as a restoration - more of a “see what I end up with” project. I’ve no idea at the moment what I’m aiming for - but hopefully that’ll make it more fun. :)
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  19. Hi from West Lancashire
  20. Hi from Cheshire,
    We had one of them..

    Shes just been to Wolfburg for a visit to see her folks... they let her in the car park free!


    Wont be long before you're enjoying the ride... stupid questions compulsory...

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