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  1. yeah?....good point Barn.....
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  2. oldphoto.jpg

    Me, aged about 7 (2nd from the top). Grinning there, I look like some sort of proto-Thom Yorke. :D

    Fast forward about 31 years:


    Me, last year at Sun Studios, Memphis.
  3. Poptop2

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    Where's Billy....

    He was here aged 8


    Here aged 48..

  4. My what?
  5. Shut it, you! Don't encourage him.
  6. before n after meeting van :D
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  7. Woodylubber

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    Only us lot who have posted exist in the real world :thumbsup: everybody else on here are online androids who live in cyber space ;)
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  8. So we've been talking to Man 30 again? ;)
  9. Is the top pic taken at Pontins?
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    All the time ;)
  11. when I were a lad (fantastic glasses (yes she was the same age as me))
    When I were a slightly older lad (this can also go under the Fashion faux pas thread (to be fair I had just got out of the sea with a broken nose))
    when I were an even older lad (Boring, trying to look sensible shot (Last year maybe?))
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  12. bjorn borg :eek:
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    Blimey Col :thumbsup:
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  14. Errrrr ok the then ...then image.jpg
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  15. Now .... image.jpg
  16. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Digging is something I've enjoyed all my sad life.
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  17. No mate it was Butlin`s Filey ,Paul Reaney from the mighty Leeds was there, football coaching us misfits...:thumbsup:
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