The Vintage Nostalgia Show.

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    Thought we'd give this a go this year.
    Looks a bit different, £65 all in for a couple and reserved 'vintage' camping if you email them and ask for a pass. WCPGW?
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  2. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    Eddy from techenders is always telling me this is a good show.
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  3. have been the last 3 years its a nice chilled out small show
    make sure you get in the vintage camping through
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  4. I have a pass thing already.
  5. see you there then
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  6. I went last year , came well recommended by @matty but never saw him ...
    BRILLIANT , chilled out weekend - rebooked for this year and really looking forwards to it :thumbsup:

    Lord and lady @Bernard Fishtrousers , you`re in for a treat

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  7. Looks amazing ! Where is it ?
  8. Ok ! Just found it
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  9. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be!
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  10. Well within reach ... ;)

  11. Yep!
    Leisurely drive and less pompous than Goodwood I gather
  12. Spot on , it doesn`t take itself too seriously ...
    I have a mate who travels the country going to the larger vintage events , Twinwoods , Atomic etc ..
    He rates vintage nostalgia as one of the best - so good infact , he`ll be driving his Bedford CA down from Bradford !

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  13. will be camping there from the Thursday night
  14. Sold out? Just realised my birthday is on Saturday, I should be falling over somewhere. :thinking:
  15. Fall over wherever you like! You on the boat? Dont make a splash.

    Was mine last week. This week you get that bit more older than me lol!
  16. I've started counting back the other way now, so I'll be that bit younger in fact. :cool: Just trying to work out (with my brother) how to herd my dad into an old people's home before he goes completely bonkers. It's either now or when he's beyond knowing what's going on. Age is on my mind!

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