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  1. We've never named the van, throughout its life it has been called 'The Van' (has been in family from new). Here are a few pictures of the interior.

    DSC_6925.JPG DSC_6922.JPG DSC_6920.JPG DSC_6929.JPG
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  2. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Blimey, that looks like new!
    The only one I've ever seen in that condition was owned by Lady "something-or-other", used once a year for 3 weeks in Cannes, garaged and looked after by her chauffeur. It had about 20K on the clock.
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  3. cunny44

    cunny44 Supporter

    Very nice - the only other original one I have seen that good was at Eskdale camp in 2015
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  4. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    That’s lovely, a credit to you Sir :hattip:
  5. scrooge95

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    Wow, that is a lovely looking Westy - you and your family have obviously cared for it from the moment it arrived.
    A proper stunner :)
  6. paulcalf

    paulcalf Supporter

    Looks great.

    Any external pics?
  7. Looks like a rotten old pear mate, tell ya what I will take it of ya hands, save you keep getting it fixed and give ya £4k for it :)

    Nice that :thumbsup:
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  8. nicktuft

    nicktuft Supporter

    Really nice example.
    Any more history?
    You're teasing without any exterior pictures.
  9. Thanks all! The photos are perhaps a little generous, the van is in great condition, but nearly 50 years of family holidays does take its toll. The upholstery has always been protected by covers or blankets when in use, and that has kept most of the usual spills and grime off the seats. So there is wear and tear, but it has aged suprisingly well. At one time I think at least one of the front doors was resprayed, and there is some rust to the base of the LH front door, and the battery tray RH rear has some rust that shows through at the outside rear quarter. Other than there is nothing significant, though the original paint is showing its age.

    As far as its history is concerned, my wife's parents bought it new in 1973 (registered 3/73) and the V5 was in her mothers name. That was transferred in around 1990 to her fathers name when her mum became ill. In 1997 it was transferred to my wife. So three registered keepers. My wife and her brothers holidayed in it as teenagers with their parents, and our four children grew up with it. My elder son and his wife had a couple of weekends in it last year, so a multigenerational vehicle.

    Its been garaged for all but around 5 years of its life. Three of those were under a car port, and two outside. So its been quite sheltered. Its been serviced regularly, and was running regular trips to France until around 2001 when we moved up here and the distance to the channel ports seemed too much effort. Since then its been the odd weekend to local campsites or beauty spots. Current mileage is around 83000.

    A few years ago my son wanted to use it for his wedding, and I thought it was time for a good checking over, so took it to Paul Weeding at LVH Engines near Newcastle and he did various bits including work on the clutch, ignition, carbs, heater pods, and most critically the fuel, breather and vacuum hoses. Last ran it in the Autumn, and it was running really well. If the weather perks up a bit I'll hopefully be taking it out for runs again (we avoid the rain if possible!).

    I'll look out some other photos shortly.
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  10. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Thats a fantastic history & worth its weight alone, there will not be too many buses which have been in the same family all of there lives!
  11. A few extra photos...
    DSC_6923.JPG DSC_6928.JPG DSC_6918.JPG DSC_6915.JPG van small.jpg
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  12. theBusmonkey

    theBusmonkey Sponsor

    I'm curious. Did the van come with the tent?
    Ours was missing, but the brochure indicated they were included as standard.

    And the engine. We had a 1600 type 1 in our 74 rather than the type 4 in yours. Was that an optional extra when it was ordered?

    Had some awesome times in must have loads of great memories
    A_18_018.jpg DSC01127_01.jpg
  13. Yes indeed, the tent was included, and we still have it (along with the hammock and flyscreen etc etc). A rather curious item with the poles external to the tent! Not sure if I have any pics with us using it, as with 4 kids we took a big 6 berth frame tent when we went away rather than the tent awning. Here's the bag though...(Pole bag is separate).

    The original engine was the 1600. I don't know the ins and outs, but very early on in its life, possibly under warranty, the engine was swapped for the 1700 unit.
    So many memories, and stories! I'm sure you also found it becomes a very happy part of family history.

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  14. theBusmonkey

    theBusmonkey Sponsor

    That awning in my first picture was an old thing we used for a while. Always coveted a Westy tent until we actually got one!
    Then realised how unwieldy they are to carry around!
    We also had a rather odd cushion that was shaped for somewhere in the roof. In the Autumn Gold fabric but about 4 inches thick and curved. I never really worked out where it was supposed to go, so just shoved it across the rear of the top bed when it was deployed...:D
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  15. That is fantastic!

    50 years of ownership - and a Westy at that!

    And such brilliant condition
  16. F_Pantos

    F_Pantos Supporter

    Lovely van and with a Type 4 too:thumbsup:
  17. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Lovely van and a brilliant story. There can’t be many with single family ownership anywhere.
  18. Van is in the garage at the moment, and not enough height there to lift the roof and take a piccy, but I think thats the bit at the far end of the upper bed. It would be tucked right into where the popup slopes down to the roof, between the hinges. Flat end to the end of the bed, and curved bit toward the front of the van fitting the shape of the top.
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  19. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    It sits on top of the wire prop for the flap bit of the bed i.e. at the tall end of the poptop. When we got ours, we camped with two other families who also had 73 Westy continentals - they had girly children and apparently without that cushion in place their hair got caught in the wire prop!
    All UK buses and we all had 1700 Type-4 engines, one was an auto. The other 2 swapped out for 2L engines but I never bothered, I liked the 1700.
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  20. surreyvan

    surreyvan Supporter

    Stunning Westy !

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