The Robo Family Ride, affectionately known as Molly!

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Robo, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. It could also be tax exempt tho, so worth looking into maybe, there is a way that won't cause you any bother by using the m code plate codes that should be behind the passenger seat, and entering them into this website, this will tell you when the m code says Molly was produced and as what etc. May be worth a look. ;)

    Either way, its great to see another bus being enjoyed!
  2. Once your door cards have dried out rub a wax candle all over the back of them dude
    It helps stop them soaking up moisture in the future
  3. It's 72/73. I had an N reg very early 73 import from NZ with the windscreen wipers that way round. Back in the 70's I guess they just registered them for whatever year it was at the time?
  5. No problem dude

    Just remember its in addition to the plastic sheet not instead of it
  7. I did receive some good news today following a couple of emails to Fat Face the last one being about a month ago they have replied!

    I was planning on using the Fat Face logo on the outside of the van but was struggling to find a decent image file to use so I bit the bullet and emailed them if they objected and to ask if they could supply the image file!

    I received a lovely email back from a lady who said she had once owned an jaffa VW camper and said what I was planning sounded great and although she had no actual vinyl graphics they could send what she did was send me the images to reproduce the logo!

    How cool is that!

    Watch this space, my mate said he will do me some different designs on photoshop to get an idea how it might look!

  8. We had a very productive day Saturday, Mrs Robo finished re-covering the last of the panels & I finished fitting them!

    Well except I need to get a few more clips for the front door cards & I broke my last 2mm drill bit on fitting the small panel at the bottom of the drivers door! That won't take long to sort, once I get another drill bit! B&Q had sold out, not surprised as I've managed to get through 5 in the last two weeks lol!

    Here's some pics, what do you think?






    Still plenty to do, sorting the new floor covering next weekend then electronic ignition...


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