The Queens Head, Foulsham, Norfolk NR20 5AD

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  1. Just been for a bit of a mini-break to visit fellow Kirks. @skirk's new pub and campsite, The Queens Head in Foulsham.

    Queens Head 2.jpg

    It's a fabulous pub in the middle of a quiet village in North Norfolk, about 15 miles from the sea. It's not difficult to find, as it's right in the middle of the village, on the High Street.

    The campsite is around the back, with plenty of room for old, smelly, oil-dropping VWs. ;) There's hook-up too, for those of us who still need hot and cold running electricity.

    Queens Head Camping.jpg

    We made ourselves at home and then headed for the bar.

    Queens Head Camper.jpg Queens Head Camper 2.jpg

    The pub is great - Saon has real ales on tap, including guest ales. There is also prosecco, so @Mrs Majorhangover, you'll be OK. :D The pub has a really welcoming feel, and the food is FABULOUS. We were there on Wednesday, which is Pie Night, and I can highly recommend the Steak and Ale pie. I'd love to stay longer, if only to work my way through the menu. I spotted someone else's order of Eton Mess for desert, and regretted not ordering one.

    Queens Head Bar.jpg

    It's location makes it a good base to explore North Norfolk. Showers are coming soon, which would make it absolutely perfect. A great pub and campsite, owned by fellow dubbers (I counted 4 VWs, including the Jurgens and a T3 single cab). Highly recommended.

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  2. looks good we are looking at going soon :)
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  3. @baygeekster

    It was great to see you two. Hopefully we will see you again soon.

    Got to go Lou has me fitting new Loo seats
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  4. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Oh, the excitement of it all. :D

    Looks like a nice place. :thumbsup:
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  5. Thanks @baygeekster, I'm even more excited to be going now! Didn't realise there was hook up, may have to try and get there early to nab some :D
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  6. image.jpeg Red Kirk waiting for today's camping play mates
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  7. the puppy hath grown
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  8. norfolk others 2016 003.JPG norfolk others 2016 006.JPG norfolk others 2016 009.JPG norfolk others 2016 010.JPG norfolk others 2016 013.JPG norfolk others 2016 020.JPG norfolk others 2016 024.JPG few hol snaps
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