The Plassey in Wales

Discussion in 'Wales' started by DUBious, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. At a mere £77 for 2 nights / 3 days its a right ole bargain, we struggled to get in as its always fully booked, but they reserve 2 smaller plots for smaller campervans.... Right by the bogs too... Spot on. I know what your thinking.....How much ! Well its not that bad when you consider what its got. Golf course on site, pitch and putt, on site, driving range, on site, spa, on site, heated indoor pool, on site, craft ctr, on site, and a lit lot more with horse riding next door. Will update this thread once we get back but so far so good. My only gripe so far is we had to pay for wifi on top, but I can come here and work in the 6 weeks hols ;-) ;-) happy days for my handicap
  2. Restaurant on site was very good, reasonable value and food was excellent (old Cow shed is the venue) refurbished of course but retains a lot of the old features. Golf consists of a 9 hole pitch and putt with holes ranging from 36 thru 76 yards so a putter and sand wedge is all u need. (greens are not mown very close so its a bit hit and miss) no golf attire required. Main course is a 9 hole at 3400 yards, decent range of holes, well kept greens and locals are friendly and will invite u to join them if they have space, 2 ladies invited me to join them...... Nice course but built on a slope so fairways tends to pull the ball towards the downside, defo easier if you the course. £9 for adults fir 9, £15 fir 18, and half price for kids. Site has some spa stuff for the ladies and a decent bar called the tree tops bar. All in all we had a great time but it is a bit pricey for what's there. So 5/10 but a 7/10 if u play golf.

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