The people vs OJ Simpson

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  1. I’m currently watching this series on Netflix. It’s very good. I remember the case but not a lot of the detail so it’s an interesting watch. I’m really enjoying it and I’d recommend it, however.

    I’m no snowflake or PC warrior, but Id be lying if I said I’ve not been shocked by the racial element portrayed in American society. I’m just left staggered by the way people identify themselves by the colour of their skin before anything else. They are black or white before they are American or Christian or muslim or rich or poor etc etc

    I’ve always thought America was an amazing place, but my god I hope our country never becomes like the America that’s shown in this programme.

    id be the first to admit that I’m not the most liberal or tolerant of people but this kind of racial divide makes my brain hurt.

    can American really be like this? How does it function as a society?
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  2. We are the same you are either a southerner or a northern bar steward:p
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  3. Good point. I take it all back.
  4. I'm guessing you've never been?
  5. I’ve been to Orlando a couple of times, but only the tourist bits.
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    New Orleans was a real eye opener for me,the poverty and riches side by side.
    People sleeping on the pavement,not one or two but more than you could count.
    Some that lost their homes in hurricane Katrina still have nowhere to live as they couldn't afford insurance..
    The side streets at night are a no go area unless you like being robbef

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