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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zedders, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. italee or germanee .I like icecream :)
  2. Just one CORNETTO

    cornetto 002.JPG
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    Managers in this one look like Louis Jourdan and Jools Holland
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  5. bratwurst
  6. Bugger, I thought Germany were going to loose a penalty shootout there!
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    lycheeing Germans and penalties
  8. That was the worst AND best penalty shootout for years!:D
    TOP FACT - all the England based penalty takers missed:rolleyes:
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  9. image.jpeg
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  10. Best for England to get another manager who can't decide whether to listen to his bosses, the papers, the players or his gut instinct and cycle through them one at a time so everyone is happy until we cock it up again. :thumbsup:
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    I had to watch that penalty shootout last night as I had mates around.
    I sat here pretty much crying with laughter at some of the run-ups, and rolling about at some of the misses.
    Glad it's not just us who have a load of overpaid tossers on our team.
  12. It was the best wasn't it? The Italian substitute Morris dancing his way to failure was my fav.
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  13. You can tell whos going to miss as they walk up to take it! Look at their faces. I pretty much got em all right last night. Morris dancing lol. That was funny. What a knob. I dont get this pressure thing and im amazed it gets to them that mutch tbh. Its what they do for a job, every day. Best bit of the whole match though i think.
  14. I think as soon as one is saved or missed the pressure to score ramps up, bit it is quite odd that footballers can't even hit the goal from a few feet away. Swineherder's was another highlight! Baffling with his experience.
  15. I suppose bothe keepers are big chaps and fill a good bit of the goal but to not even get it on target!
  16. They are whoppers aren't they, they might have saved more just be standing there!
  17. Said that last night. Kept goal as a yoof. They are bigger when your stood in them stopping stuff than kicking a ball at them! Ended up in goal as a was a lanky yoof and not quick enough for a forward but learned to use my left foot to escape having my head caved in several times a game and played left back. I cant kick a ball in a straight line now!
  18. I was always rubbish at sport.
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    Christ Iceland are Marmitee
  20. Well that first half from France puts England's woeful efforts in perspective!:eek:

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