The Norman Knight, Whichford

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  1. We took Sandy for the last camping trip before winter and decided to head to this place

    It's only about an hour from home and it's a cracking gastro pub with some great beer, close to the Cotswolds. We left the kids at Grandma's, took a drive down the fosse way, through Shipston and then on to the delightful village of Whichford. We were the only ones to pitch up on the site, but the pub was packed with locals and a fair few people who drove for the food and ale.

    Top food and only £16.50 with hook up.
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  2. Only 10 mins from work and didn't even know it was there.
    Good find.
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  3. image.jpg Just pitching up
  4. The specials board!
  5. We have had a night here too. They had a classic car show on the village green across the road from the pub. A lovely place and a great evening[​IMG][​IMG]
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  6. Brilliant when was this, is it an annual thing? I'd be back if its a regular event...
  7. I reckon they hold it once a month on a Thursday night during the Summer. It was packed with classic cars and bikes and they had a BBQ in the beer Garden..
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  8. Went there for a drink once, a real ale pub if I remember right.
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    I like that menu. I have never had Mule marinieres for less than £3o a course?
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    So it wasn't a massive great bucket of mules marinieres that took an age to eat then?
  12. I know that feeling, messy little lycheeers, played safe and went for the French Onion Soup instead:thumbsup:
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    My dear Wife cooked me a bad one once - totally by accident you understand, jeez. I could poop through the eye of a needle for a day or two.
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  14. never eat a mussel thats not open, dont cook unless closed , best to remove beards, mussells are very cheap to buy darn ear .:)luv um .

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