The Late Bay Blue Bay Club :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tiny-Pie, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]
    I hope this works,can I join?
  2. Ahh how do I make the picture biggero_O
  3. Was it large in photobucket when you copied the address?
  4. No can i make the picture bigger?
  5. Booo... I can't get stickers at tho mo due to my mega minus bank balance... But will try my bestestest... I'm rubbish...

    Morgs you're in
  6. Double click on the image in photobucket and the addresses are in the bottom right.
  8. x
  9. Ooops sorry :(
  10. It's ok...I just don't want people who don't know me to get the wrong impression...I know you were only joking...sorry x *hugs and love*
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  11. 100% joking I still do anyway :thumbsup:
  12. You up 1 spline at the rear?
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  13. ::Waiting patiently::: Just please, no stickers with "BBC" on it. Kindly spell it out so we don't have to explain it over and over to the dirty minded ones among us.
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  14. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    well done for coming back to me promptly about my stickers lol:)
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  15. Speaking to someone about stickers ... Then will let chyoo know :) x
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  16. Come on blues where are you ? I keep seeing them Greens posting!!!!
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  17. Ah... Ok, time to check in!!

    New engine lid hinges, awaiting a bit I blue treatment!!


  18. get an after pic up too... :)

    sorry ive not been around lately hopefully things will be back to normal at some point in the near future x
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  19. PIE


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