The inaugural TLB beaver camp

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  1. you had your modesty out...:p

  2. She had a lot of things out :p
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  3. You've been re-christened Loose Lips Beaver :D
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  4. Someone has leaked pics of the weekends activitys aswell as a diolouge of how the weekend went
    I have to say they drove a hard bargain but the pics and story passed on for the cost of four bottles of gin and a picture of myself covered in baby oil

    A full report from the pap will be in the sundays edition of the sun newspaper
    An earlier snapshot will be available on the homepage

    If you think its all out of order then there will be a four page spread in the daily hate about the beaver cull in the uk

    Whatever happens you went
    You eventually got there
    You saw
    You came
    You cant remember

    The most important point

    You all had fun and built memorys and built freindships

    Long live muff camp:thumbsup:
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  6. Moons

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    The Dillon appreciation society have their AGM in a field.

  7. Look like sh. e. to me,,,lol beaver bonkers
  8. Whats that boat / brick / brown thing doing in the corner of that picture...

    X rated stuff on a TLB website!
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  9. That's rickyrooo1's next bus for when poptop2 goes over to the dark side ;)
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