The Green Dragon - Welshpool Tyddyn Goronwy - Tal y Bont.

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    Quick review and details if anyone liked the look of the 2 sites Bolls and Rhubarb took me and Malc to over easter.
    The Green Dragon is a Pub with a small campsite on the rear on the A458 between Shrewsbury A5 and Welshpool
    It is a basic site but perfect if you want to split your journey to Wales and then get an early start on the following day, the pub is friendly and has a good selection of homemade food and real ales, the toilets and showers are old and basic but perfectly acceptable, we paid £5 per person per night, no charge for kids and an extra £5 for electric hook up, the only downside if it bothers you is it is quite close to the main road and railway line although it isn't terrible.

    Tyddyn Goronwy is a campsite 5 miles north of Barmouth on the coast road in the village of Tal-y-bont, there are a few towns called Tal-y-bont in Wales so get the right one.....
    We paid £20 per night with hook up the site has recently had a make over and is now very modern - the shower block is very new and clean - downsides if this bothers you, it's on a farm with lambs/geese/chickens......MORNING!..... The nice thing about this site is the fact it's just at the top of a complex which if you walk 5 minutes has shops a club arcades and burger bars chip shops etc in it (think of like a haven site set up) it's also 2 minutes from the railway station so you can catch the train to Barmouth etc and leave the van set up.The beach is 5 mins walk away and is very clean and tidy.
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